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P.O. Box 189, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu Nepal.
NMA Newly Elected Executive committee 2023-2026
NMA Newly Elected Executive committee 2023-2026
2nd Women in Medicine
2nd NMA National Health Summit

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NMA stand up for doctors individually and collectively

Nepal Medical Association (NMA) is a non-profit national professional organization of Medical and Dental Doctors in Nepal. Established on 20th Falgun, 2007 BS (4th March, 1951) with a few as 20 members, it has evolved into a large organization with more than ten thousand members under it's umbrella. The Founder President of the NMA was Dr. Siddhi Mani A. Dixit. It has the honour of being the first professional organization of the nation. NMA has been playing an important role in the development of medical science and is acting as a linkage between the government and the medical professionals. The current 28th NMA Executive was elected in 2020 February 28 with Dr. Lochan Karki and Dr. Badri Rijal as President and General Secretary respectively.

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Nepal Medical Assocaiton specializes in different medical services for the convenience of doctors community:

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Dear Members of Nepal Medical Association It is a great honor and indeed a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work with you for the better future of our medical profession and alliances. Nepal Medical Association since its establishment has been working relentlessly for the professional improvement of medical and dental doctors...

Dr. Anil karki
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  • Academic and Training Programs
    Being a part of the association will provide an easy access to attend various programs related to research and journal.
  • Professional Security
    NMA aims to protect and support its member during various manhandling and vandalism incidents that take place in workplace.
  • Professional Linkage
    NMA has now more than 10,000 members under its umbrella. As a result, NMA provides a platform to establish professional relationship between doctors to help your work career life.

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