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NMA Awards for Doctor

NMA Awards

NMA with various Trusts have decided to honor the following awards during the ANEMECON conference.

  1. NMA Oration Award for Special Guest Speaker (presenting under designated ANEMECON theme) from Prestigious Academic Excellences
  2. Amar Pahari Literary Award for Best Medical Book written by Nepalese Doctor or Non-Doctor involved in field of medicine and health in Nepal
  3. Dharma Pahari Health Science Award for doctors or non-doctors for their outstanding contribution in medicines and health in Nepal
  4. Chitra Pahari Scientific Medical Award for Authors of First and Second Best Articles published in Medical Journals in Nepal
  5. Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust Oration Speaker Award
  6. Health Service Award for outstanding service provided by Medical Professional in Nepal
  7. Recognition Awards for Past President, Executive Members, and Senior Most Member/s of Nepal Medical Association
  8. Nepal Medical Association Life Time Achievement Award
  9. Nepal Medical Association-Khadga Nanda Medical Research Award