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General Secretary Message

Dr.Sanjeev Tiwari
General Secretary

Dear Members of Nepal Medical Association

I feel honored as General Secretary of Nepal Medical Association to express my sincere gratitude to all the doctors spread around the country for working selflessly for the betterment of health services under the umbrella of Nepal Medical Association. Nepal Medical Association has been striving hard in achieving various milestones related to professional security and academic demand of medical and dental doctors. It is only possible through meticulous work, coordination between various stakeholders and continuous support from the doctors.

NMA will left no stone unturned to work for better working environment of the doctors. Indeed it is a matter of great pride that NMA has also been focusing in the academic part of doctors by organizing various online trainings and research programs. NMA has been publishing its journal, Journal of Nepal Medical Association on a monthly basis which has benefitted thousands of doctors. With all- round focus on multiple aspects of our noble medical profession, we can create a safe and encouraging working environment for all the doctors.

Finally, I want to thank all my respected seniors, colleagues and young junior doctors for trusting and working with NMA. NMA will always be at the forefront while dealing with the professional issues of the medical fraternity.

Thank You !

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