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President Message

Dr.Anil Karki

Dear Members of Nepal Medical Association

It is a great honor and indeed a great pleasure for me to have the opportunityto work with you for the better future of our medical profession and alliances. Nepal Medical Association since its establishment has been working relentlessly for the professional improvement of medical and dental doctors. With more than ten thousands doctors under the umbrella of NMA, I, as a president, feel more responsible and more dedicated for my work to achieve the better working environment for all doctors that we always have dreamed of. I believe that all hurdles can be overcome by team work and better coordination between us will make us to achieve our goals in the area of security, salary and specialization.

The function of the medical professions is not only limited to high technology of thecurative medicine; the comparable significancegoes to the health education, health promotion,disease prevention and rehabilitation as well asthe sustainability of the actions. Our collaboration and cooperation with various relevant organizations and stakeholders such as WHO will lead to the successful control of health hazards and make every corner of this world a safe andpleasant place to live for all people and our futuregeneration. NMA has been in regular touch with Ministry of Health and Public Health experts for constant lobbying in various health policies. I believe the constant support of NMA to the government and the Ministry of Health will help to strengthen the health system of Nepal.

With the main motto of unity, service and fraternity of our association, we will aim to unite all the doctors around the country by providing transparent and digitalized services. I want to make sure the NMA will be accountable, transparent and digitalized as much as possible. The duty to uplift the glorious history of NMA, which has been possible due to our senior doctors and ancestors, is now under our shoulders. I would like to re-iterate the importance of continuous support of our doctors for the achievement of our targets to make the medical fraternity better for upcoming young doctors. NMA will always be committed and devoted towards the overall improvement of the health situation of the country.

Thank you !

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