• NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • KTM Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Bhaktapur Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Follow up Training on Post Earthquake Psychosocial
  • Expressions of concern to Japanese Earthquake Victims
  • Health Minister Visit
  • Deputy Prime Minister Visit
  • Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims.
  • Press Conference of NMA
  • NMA Strike at TUTH
Executive Committee> Present
Year: 2020 - 2023
Name Position Email Phone
Dr. Lochan Karki President drlochankarki@gmail.com 9851056689
Dr. Mukti Ram Shrestha Immediate Past President mshrestha649@gmail.com 9851004791
Dr. Shiva Prasad Shrestha Senior Vice President dr_shrestha_shivanita@yahoo.com 9851057190
Dr. Anil Bikram Karki Vice President karkianil@gmail.com 9855058962
Dr. Badri Rijal General Secretary badririjal633@gmail.com 9851148699
Dr. Prakash Budhathoky Treasurer drprakashbt@gmail.com 9841336943
Dr. Niraj Kumar Singh Joint Secretary drsinghniraj@gmail.com 9849228903
Dr. Bishwa Raj Dawadi Joint Treasurer bishwadawadi@gmail.com 9841226322
Dr. Bipesh Acharya Members bipeshacharya74@gmail.com 9851092734
Dr. Leison Maharjan Members leison.maharjan@gmail.com 9841190258
Dr. Nanda Kumari Gurung Members gurungn55@yahoo.com 9847031486
Dr. Pramod Joshi Members drpramodj77@gmail.com 9841525670
Dr. Ritesh Thapa Members rits_thapa@hotmail.com 9841556412
Dr. Sanjeeeb Tiwari Members stiwari369@hotmail.com 9851167722
Dr. Angel Magar Editor-in-Chief editor@jnma.com.np JNMA
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Mission & Vision
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle


  • To uplift and preserve the professional standard, values and freedom of the members of NMA.
  • To carry out academic activities that increase the knowledge and skills of the medical doctors working in the kingdom.
  • To increase awareness among Read More

News & Press

Regarding NMA Life Member
अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना  । 
नेपाल चिकित्सक संघ केन्द्रीय कार्यकारिणी समितिको २०७६–२०७९ कार्यकालका लागि निर्वाचन कार्यक्रममा सहभागी हुन चाहानु हुने चिकित्सकहरुलाई संघको केन्द्रीय कार्यालयमा मिति २०७६ मंसिर १४ गतेसम्म न...
मुलुकी अपराध संहिता, २०७४

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