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NMA Update

International Public Health Management Development Program

01 Feb

International Public Health Management Development Program
under Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Scheme for Nepal Medical Association,
in collaboration with Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh, Government of India.

The goal of this programme is to enhance the leadership and management skills and competencies of health professionals.

This program aims to enhance management and leadership skills of middle and senior-level managers (primarily doctors) of Nepal by:
Development of an effective leader who can effectively manage existing and emerging public health challenges at different levels of health care delivery system.
Building capacity of middle and senior-level managers in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating national health programs along with nurturing soft skills like team building, motivation, networking and communication.
Equipping participants on appreciating gaps in current national health programs and initiatives in their settings and envisioning future trends for effective decision making.

Key Highlights of the Program
The key highlights of the program are; its design which focus on learning through a mix of traditional formal learning methods (lecture, powerpoint presentations, case studies) and informal learning methods (exercises, real case scenarios, management games, videos etc.); its concept wherein emphasis will be on application-based learning in which the participants will prepare an action plan for their organization during the program which will be implemented within 6 months of completion of program; and facilitation by an elite panel of experts and facilitators from lead academic and management institutes of the country.

The main goal of the program is to ensure that the learnings during the program are translated to implementation at the workplace in their respective settings.

Target Audience
Essential Qualification- Medical graduates
Desirable Qualification- Working in health care program/ projects.

This program is designed for
middle and senior-level healthcare managers and doctors, organizational leaders, hospital administrators, faculty of medical colleges and management institutes who are working towards the advancement of Public Health and responsible for effective and efficient delivery of healthcare programs and projects for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The program capacity is up to 40 participants within an age bracket of 28-50 years.

Program Contents
MODULE:I Public Health Management Principles
MODULE:2 Strategic Planning and Management
MODULE:3 Organizational Behaviour
MODULE:4 Health System Strengthening
MODULE:5 Entrepreneurship, Innovations & Governance
MODULE:6 Leadership and Management
MODULE:7 Human Resources Management
MODULE:8 Health management information system
MODULE:9 Supply Chain Management
MODULE:10 Financial Management
MODULE:11 Quality Assurance and Accreditation
MODULE:12-Public Health Communication and advocacy
MODULE:13 Marketing in heal h care
MODULE:14 Health system research and Ethics
MODULE:15 Monitoring and Evaluation

For more detail please visit here

The return travel from Kathmandu to India, residential costs and fields visits are covered by this program.

The participants from outside Kathmandu valley will have to manage their travel cost from their workplace to Kathmandu by themselves.

Key dates:
10 Feb 2022 (17:00 hrs): Registration deadline (

11 Feb 2022: Invitation for Interview
12-13 Feb 2022: Interview (via Zoom)
15 Feb 2022: An offer letter will be sent to the selected participants.

19 Feb 2022: Orientation Programme for selected participants
26 Feb 2022: Meeting for Introduction, Travel itinerary checklist, documentation, and related

06 Mar 2022: Travel to India
19 Mar 2022: Return to Nepal

Please register to take part in this exciting programme.

We look forward to seeing you in the programme.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Dr Angel Magar
NMA Training & Education

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