• NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • NMA Building Inauguration Program
  • KTM Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Bhaktapur Post Earthquake Psychosocial Training
  • Follow up Training on Post Earthquake Psychosocial
  • Expressions of concern to Japanese Earthquake Victims
  • Health Minister Visit
  • Deputy Prime Minister Visit
  • Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims
  • Succor distributed to earth quake victims.
  • Press Conference of NMA
  • NMA Strike at TUTH
Mission & Vission


  • To uplift and preserve the professional standard, values and freedom of the members of NMA.
  • To carry out academic activities that increase the knowledge and skills of the medical doctors working in the kingdom.
  • To increase awareness among the people on different issues of health as well as to work for any programmes that can improve the health status of the people.

There is a Central Office of the association in Kathmandu and there are 12 branches in the various districts.

Specific Objectives

  • To safeguard the legimate professional interest; to promote the spirit of harmony and cooperation among individual members.
  • To encourage members to maintain the high standard of professional conduct, to give the health of the patient the first consideration.
  • To encourage research and studies to acquisite the knowledge of medical and allied science by all possible means, e.g. publication of Association Journal, other publications, establishment of medical libraries, holding of symposia, seminars and conferences
  • To help on making education and training of all medical and paramedical personal in Nepal of a high and international standard
  • To give encouragement and help in the endeavour to develop and extend the provisions of curative and preventive medical facilities
  • To always be willing to offer its services and cooperation to the Govt. to help the Govt. in abolishing quackery from medical practice in Nepal
  • To work to spread among the people the knowledge of the laws of health, hygiene and cleanliness
  • To also perform any other function or duties to improve the health of the nation.

News & Press

Regarding NMA Life Member
अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना  । 
नेपाल चिकित्सक संघ केन्द्रीय कार्यकारिणी समितिको २०७६–२०७९ कार्यकालका लागि निर्वाचन कार्यक्रममा सहभागी हुन चाहानु हुने चिकित्सकहरुलाई संघको केन्द्रीय कार्यालयमा मिति २०७६ मंसिर १४ गतेसम...

मुलुकी अपराध संहिता, २०७४

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q. Why Should I join NMA?

A. Nepal Medical Association is the largest professional organization of medical doctors in Nepal. It was established on 4th March, 1951 with the goal of coordinat... Read full answer

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